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1948 Model 125 Temporary Owner's Manual, December 1947

This pre-production bike has a number of features that changed before the bike went into production.

1Toolbox cover has a wide flat raised area. Productions models were more rounded.
2Headlight shroud has an extra "bend" in the middle. Also, the raised area where the bolt holes are located is a regular "L" shape. Production models get wider at the crotch of the "L".
3Gas tank has the front mounting tabs welded inside the tank - like production models. But these tabs are almost triangular in shape. Production models were rectangular.
4Handgrips have a "slot" in the end. Production models were flat.
5Seat springs have few "coils". Production models had many more coils (See, 1948 Model 125
6Seat cover. The seat cover front section appears to be shorter front-to-back than production models.

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