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1949 Model 125


There were few changes for 1949, since the 1948 was about three months late hitting the market, and the production line kept running. This brings up the matter of "running changes". H-D seldom threw anything away - old parts were used until they ran out, and then the new parts were used. This is particularly true for 1948-1949 production - most of the changes were running changes, and did not break cleanly at the start of the model year.

The 1948 "left" and "right" seat springs are a good example - the "lefts" were used until they ran out. We think this occurred around the beginning of 1949 production, but a few left-over "lefts" could have found their way on early 1949 models.

The 1948 gas tanks had the front mounting tabs welded inside the tunnel. The illustraion in the 1949 Spare Parts catalog (November 1948) shows the tabs welded to the outside of the tank. However, we believe that the 1948-style tank was used through the end of 1949 production.

1949 models had an extra grease fitting on the front brake backing plate to grease the speedo drive gear. The clutch spring plate gained 6 retaining tabs but lost 2 holes. The "octopus" style lining on the clutch plates were used on the 1948 and 1949.

In May 1949, Flight Red and Azure Blue paint were offered at extra charge. See 1949 Colors for more details.

Chrome handlebars became an option starting in May 1949.

Note: The photograph at the left is the same one as the 1948.

Motor - General

Motor - Cylinder - Piston

Flywheels - Shafts - Connecting Rods

Crankcases and Fittings

Carburetor and Air Cleaner


Not used on this model.


The 1948 and 1949 Model 125 used a 2-brush generator. This was replaced in 1950 with a 4-brush generator, and a recall instituted. Some 1948 and 1949 bikes were retrofitted by dealers with the new 4-brush unit.

See the Generator chapter for details.

Spark Coil and Spark Plugs

Starter and Transmission

Clutch and Clutch Control

Chain and Sprocket

Rear Wheel and Brake

Rims and Spokes

Front Wheel and Brake

Front Brake Control

Front Fork

Frame and Rear Fork

See the Frames chapter for details.

Safety Guard and Splash Shields

Jiffy Stand and Footrests




Dual Seat and Trail Seat

Buddy Seat

Luggage Carrier



Fenders and Chain Guards

Gas Tank

Tool Box

Muffler and Exhaust Pipe

Battery and Holders

Speedometer and Drive

Headlamp and Tail Lamp

Front Fender Lamp and Parts





Voltage Regulator

The 74510-47 voltage regulator is about 2.5 inches square. The cover is held on by bend-over tabs. This style was used from 1948 until 1954.

Auxiliary Seat and Footrests

Saddle Bags



Miscellaneous Common Items

Accessories - Not in Parts Catalogs

Paint Colors

Standard: Brilliant Black
Optional Colors: None
Optional Colors (mid-year): Azure Blue, Flight Red

Azure Blue and Flight Red were available starting May 6, 1949, as part of the "Spring Special".

See the Paint Colors chapter for details.


Azure Blue

Brilliant Black

Flight Red

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