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1950 Model 125


The 1950 Model 125 was available in colors! You now had the choice of Sportsman Yellow, Flight Red, and Riviera Blue, in addition to the ever-popular Brilliant Black.

The big visible change for 1950 was the new American style solo seat, which replaced the English-style seat used in 1948 and 1949. A one-piece front mounting bracket replaced the former two-piece unit.

The frame was strengthened by changing the fork neck to a forged unit. The jiffy stand, formerly a bicycle-style unit mounted on the frame, moved to the more familiar footpeg shaft location. Both these improvements were detailed in a 1950 factory to dealer announcement.

Engine changes: The flywheels were changed. The piston pin is larger, so the connecting rod, piston pin bushing, and pistons changed also. The generator changed from 2-brush to 4-brush. There were 4 Shop Dopes about the new generator, including a factory recall of the 2-brush units. A new fuel valve appeared in mid 1950. The new valve is the familiar pot-metal valve with main and reserve handles.

More little changes: the taillamp has a new bulb, and the taillight wiring connector has a rubber bushing to keep water out. The front fork upper snubber has changed slightly. A spacer has been added to the coil mounting bracket. The clutch cable has a few minor changes, and the clutch hand lever uses a new bushing. The fender rivets changed sometime in mid-year.

Motor - General

Motor - Cylinder - Piston

Flywheels - Shafts - Connecting Rods

Crankcases and Fittings

Carburetor and Air Cleaner


Not used on this model.


The 1950 model featured a new 4-brush generator, which replaced the 2-brush unit used in 1948 and 1949. A recall of the older 2-brush units was instituted.

See the Generator chapter for details.

Spark Coil and Spark Plugs

Starter and Transmission

Clutch and Clutch Control

Chain and Sprocket

Rear Wheel and Brake

Rims and Spokes

Front Wheel and Brake

Front Brake Control

Front Fork

Frame and Rear Fork

See the Frames chapter for details.

Safety Guard and Splash Shields

Jiffy Stand and Footrests

A new jiffy stand was announced for 1950, although it appears that it was introduced in late 1949. The new jiffy stand is problematic - the "tang" does not always engage, allowing the jiffy stand to swing past the stop point.

The footrests continue to be fixed. The left footrest shaft now has a bracket for the jiffy stand to pivot on.



Dual Seat and Trail Seat

Buddy Seat

Luggage Carrier



Fenders and Chain Guards

Gas Tank

Tool Box

Muffler and Exhaust Pipe

Battery and Holders

Speedometer and Drive

Headlamp and Tail Lamp

Front Fender Lamp and Parts





Voltage Regulator

The 74510-47 voltage regulator is about 2.5 inches square. The cover is held on by bend-over tabs. This style was used from 1948 until 1954.

Auxiliary Seat and Footrests

Saddle Bags



Miscellaneous Common Items

Accessories - Not in Parts Catalogs

Paint Colors

Standard: Brilliant Black, Flight Red, Riviera Blue, Sportsman’s Yellow
Optional Colors: None

See the Paint Colors chapter for details.


Brilliant Black

Flight Red

Riviera Blue

Sportsman's Yellow

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