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1952 Model 125


The 1952 Model 125 was the last year of the 125cc "S" generator equipped motor.

Note: the photo at left, and most of the factory literature for both 1951 and 1952 show prototype front fenders that are not flared at the bottom rear. Production bikes had a bell-shaped flare at the rear of the front fender.

The editor's personal opinion is that 1951-1952 are the most beautiful bikes of the entire Hummer-series. To me, everything looks just right. The 1951 has a prettier speedometer, but the 1952 has a more reliable jiffy stand.

Motor - General

Motor - Cylinder - Piston

Flywheels - Shafts - Connecting Rods

Crankcases and Fittings

Carburetor and Air Cleaner



Spark Coil and Spark Plugs

Starter and Transmission

Clutch and Clutch Control

Chain and Sprocket

Rear Wheel and Brake

Rims and Spokes

Front Wheel and Brake

Front Brake Control

Front Fork

Frame and Rear Fork

Safety Guard and Splash Shields

Jiffy Stand and Footrests



Dual Seat and Trail Seat

Buddy Seat

Luggage Carrier



Fenders and Chain Guards

Gas Tank

Tool Box

Muffler and Exhaust Pipe

Battery and Holders

Speedometer and Drive

Headlamp and Tail Lamp

Front Fender Lamp and Parts





Voltage Regulator

Auxiliary Seat and Footrests

Saddle Bags



Miscellaneous Common Items

Accessories - Not in Parts Catalogs

Paint Colors

Standard: Persian Red, Rio Blue, Tropical Green
Optional Colors: [Metallic] Marine Blue

See the Paint Colors chapter for details.


Marine Blue

Persian Red

Rio Blue

Tropical Green

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