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Front Forks In-progress

Year Front Fork
1948 Model 125 The Rubber Band fork.
1950 Model 125 The forks had two steel angle 'stops' added, welded inside the top of each leg, and 'stops' were added to the upper rocker arms, that worked in conjunction, to stop the forks from hitting into the handlebars in the event the lower bands broke. The 1950 Models also featured improved 'oblong' lower band retainers to eliminate the 'jumping over' of the lower bands. Also changed was the upper snubber retaining pin. It went from being a pin with two cotterpin holes to a double end threaded stud with lock nuts, one stud having more threads than the other. These three parts were cadmium plated. (info per Mutt)
1951-54 Models 125/165 Tele-Glide fork. The lower sliders (legs) were threaded for the fender mounting bolts. (per Mutt)
Early-1951? Model 125 Tele-Glide fork. This year only had a grease fitting on each fork tube. The fork cap nuts do not have the oil cups.
Late-1951? Model 125 The Fork Tube Outer (45930-51) and Fork Tube Outer Cap (45935-51) were both replaced by -51A versions. The differences are not known, and are probably not visible from the outside.
Early-1952? Model 125 Minor change: the grease fitting were removed from the fork tubes and the fork tube cap nuts gained oil cups.
Late-1952? Model 125 The Fork Tube Outer (45930-52) and Fork Tube Outer Cap (45935-52) were both replaced by -52A versions. The differences are not known.
1953-1954 Model 165 In 1953, the Fork Stem 45726-51 is replaced by the -53. The differences are not known.
1955-1958 Model 165 In 1955, the fork sliders change from Left 45945-51 and Right 45947-51 to 51-A versions. The difference was that the fender mounting holes were no longer threaded. 3/16" thick x 1/4"-20 x 1/2" hex nuts with ext. tooth lock washers were used. (not 1/4" thick like the books show). per Mutt
1955-1956 Hummer The fork top plate has "Hummer" stamped into it. The speedometer was an option, so there was a "blanking plate" covering the speedo hole.
A new Fork Tube Outer (45929-55) and right slider (45947-55) was used. The 1955-56 Hummers did not have a front brake, so these parts do not have the facility for holding the brake backing plate in place.
1957-1959 Hummer The front brake returned in 1957, so the Fork Tube Outer returned to 45930-52A and Right Slider returned to 45947-51A.
1959 Model 165 In 1959, the Upper Plate changes to accomodate the larger speedometer which started in 1959.
1960-1962 Super 10, Pacer, Scat, Ranger The Upper Plate changes again. The '60-'66 dimmer switch mount was now tapped, rather than slotted and used parkerized self-tapping Phillips round headed machine screws w/lockwashers. (per Mutt)
1963-1966 Pacer, Scat, Bobcat

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