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What size wheels & tires should my Hummer have? Here’s the lowdown.

Year Model Size Tire Note
1948-1952 Model 125 3.25x19 Firestone or Goodyear Note 1
1953-1955 Model 165 3.25x19 Firestone or Goodyear Note 1
1956-1959 Model 165 3.50x18 Goodyear or Firestone Note 2
1955-1959 Hummer 3.50x18 Goodyear or Firestone Note 2
1960 Super 10 3.50x18 Goodyear
1961 Super 10 3.50x16 Goodyear
1962-1965 Pacer 3.50x16 Goodyear
1962-1965 Scat 3.50x18 Goodyear Grasshopper Note 3
1962 Ranger 3.50x18 Goodyear Grasshopper / Continental Note 4
1966 Bobcat 3.50x18 Goodyear Grasshopper Note 3

1. Both Firestone and Goodyear were supplied.
2. By the mid-1950’s Goodyears were prevalant. Firestones were phased out at some time.
3. The 1963-1965 Scat and 1966 Bobcat came with Goodyear Grasshoppers both front and rear. If you ordered your bike with the optional Hunting and Fishing Gear Kit, you could specify a Continental rear tire.

1964-1965 - there was an option for aluminum rims - these are very rare. Take a look at the 1964 Scat pictured in “The Legend Begins” - these appear to be the aluminium jobs.

Pic by Don Ellington
4. The Ranger used a Goodyear Grasshopper on the front and Continental on the rear.
All Tires are 2-ply. Rims were black on all models - chrome rims were a option. In fact, this was the only option offered on the 1948 models on factory order. Especially on the 165’s, if you bought a bike off the showroom floor, chances are that it would already have the optional chrome rims.
Best Reproductions Available
Both Lange and Coker reproduction tires are available, but Lee Lange's have a much more original tread design. Coker licensed the Goodyear design, they have one less tread rib than the originals do.
Tires are wear items. If you seriously ride your bike, consider new tires. Although 4-ply, we recommend the Lange repros as the "Best Reproductions Available".

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