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Information and photo's compliments of Charles "Mutt" Hallam

Year Model Mfg. Series
1948-52 S125 L&L S-1
1953 ONLY ST165 L&L S-2
1954-58 ST165 L&L S-3
1959 ONLY ST165 L&L S-4
1955-56 Hummer B Tillotson MT-43A
1957-59 Hummer B Tillotson MT-43B
1960-62 Super 10 & Ranger Tillotson MT-82A
1962-66 175cc. BT-BTU-BTH Tillotson MT-82A

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The Carbs

Pictures of L&L's coming soon!

Tillotson Carb Rebuild Parts

The Air Cleaners

<29037-61 air filter cross reference sheet>

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