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Vinyl - Pebble Grain
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Vinyl - Rolled Edge
1948-1949 Model 125  
This seat has a strange history. Knuckleheads made for the Canadian Military (Model ELC) had a rear "tandem" seat that appears to be the same as the 1948-1949 Model 125 seat. The probable story is that after the ELC contract ran out, Harley was stuck with extra seats, and decided to use them for the start of production of the Model 125.
Black thread was used on this and all subsequent seats. The black thread slowly bleached out due to exposure to the sun. Many reproduction seats are produced with white thread.

1950-1952 Model 125  

In 1950, the Model 125's seat was changed to the familiar "pan" solo saddle style that was used up until the 1960's. The seat cover was leather, and featured a "raw" or "plain" edge (see below).

1950-1952 bottom
The front mounting bracket was a poor design, and broke easily. While these seats are not rare, they are not commonly found.


1953-1959 Model 165  
In 1953, the front mount was changed and the new mount extended about halfway back through the pan. This fixed the breakage problem, and this pan was used from 1953 through 1961 (all models) and 1962-1965 Pacer production.

1955-1959 Hummer  

1960-1961 Super 10  

1962-1965 Pacer, 1962 Ranger  
The 1962

1966 Bobcat  
The 1966 Bobcat is the only Hummer-type that has a buddy seat as standard equipment, and it's a one-of-a-kind.
The optional Trail Kit included a special rear sprocket, and a "trail seat". See the chapter on Optional Seats for details.

Did you know?
Milsco has been the sole manufacturer
of Harley-Davidson seats since 1934?     Milsco & H-D

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