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There are three major horns used on the Hummer-series. The 1948-1959 Model Model 125 & Model 165 horns were Delco-Remy units. The 1955-1959 Hummer used a Yoder squeeze-bulb horn. The 1960-1966 Pacer, Scat and Bobcat used a Hella unit. The 1962 Ranger had no horn at all.

In the following discussion, the terms “early” and “late” refer to the model year, which runs from about September 1 to August 31.

1948 - 1952 Model 125 and 1953 - 1959 Model 165

There were three horns used in production on these bikes, and a later one-size-fits-all replacement available only as a spare part. The first two horns are easily distingushable by the fact that the mounting bracket has two laminated blades.. The third horn has four laminations on the mounting bracket. The laminations are thin, and often painted together - you have to use your fingernail to tell whether there are really two or four.

The horn and horn cover are painted black, unlike the big Harleys on which the cover was usually chrome. The carriage bolts, lockwashers and nuts which attach the diaphram and cover to the body are cadmium plated. The Spare Parts Catalogs have several inaccuracies. The drawings of the "horn front screw, long" p/n 1190 (old# 035) and "horn front screw, short" p/n 1229 (old# 039) depict slotted screws - they are really carriage bolts. The drawing shows lockwashers p/n 7021 (old# 0254), but they do not appear in the parts listings. The lockwashers are used, and according to Mutt, they have a wider face than the hardware store variety.

Mike Schmitt and Mutt Hallam have done some research and provided us with pictures of the backsides of these horns.

1948 - late-1950 Model 125

The 69002-47 horn was used from 1948 until late 1950, when an internal change was made. The mounting bracket has two blades.

The picture is rotated to show the markings clearly. Looking at the back of the horn, with the mounting bracket at 12 o'clock, the adjuster is at 10 o'clock and the wiring terminals are at 8 o'clock. There is a code number (see below) paint-stamped at 3 o'clock. The ID tag is roughly aligned with the mounting bracket, and reads "Delco-Remy-16".

Late-1950 - 1956 Model 125 and Model 165

The 69002-47A horn appeared around the end of 1950. A factory-to-dealer letter mentions "For some months, the 125 has been equipped with a horn with less current draw..." It is listed in the 1951 Spare Parts Catalog. It is probable that the change was in the armature winding, and there is no external visible difference.

1957 - 1959 Model 165

The 69002-47B horn was announced for the 1957 model year (in the September 1956 Enthusiast), although it is possible that it appeared sometime in 1956. This horn has four laminations on the mouting bracket.

Note that the ID plate is no longer aligned with the mounting bracket, and that "Type M" is at the bottom of the ID plate.

The picture is rotated to show the markings clearly. Looking at the back of the horn, with the mounting bracket at 12 o'clock, the adjuster is at 10 o'clock and the wiring terminals are at 8 o'clock. There is a code number (see below) paint-stamped at 7 o'clock.

Noted Hummer restorer Mutt Hallam says that he has seen some 4 lamination horns marked "16", which he suspects to be very early production.

Spare Parts - circa 1962 and later

There was an additional horn, 69002-47C, which was available as a spare parts item for Model 125 and Model 165, but was never used on production.

Unlike the earlier horns, the -47C did not use the winged cover. The cover has a large central hole surrounded by eight other holes. The mouting bracket is similar to the -47B, but it is attached to the horn with a large nut and washer. It is marked "Type S".

The 69002-62 horn is actually the same horn as the -47C horn. It's a Delco-Remy Type S and was used on the 62-63 Servi-Car, and mid-62 to 64 Sportster XLCH. It's listed in the 1964 Spare Parts Supplement with the -47C part#, and in the 1965 Parts book with the -62 part#. Same horn, 2 different part#s. It was also used as a spare parts item for earlier Servi-Cars and Sportsters, as it superceded the -47B.

- Contributed by Mutt Hallam.

Paint Stamps

Notice that the different types of Delco 16 horns all have differemt "white paint stamped numbers". Your horn is restored incorrectly if it is missing that number.

Mutt has the codes and can "stamp" the numbers on the horns he restores.

#963 — One of the Model 165 horns
#976 — 1942-1955 Big Twin, 45, Servi-Car
#962 — 1956-1957 Servi-Car

1955-1959 Hummer

1955 - 1959 Hummer

The 69001-55 horn was used on the Hummer from 1955 through 1959. It is a squeeze-bulb horn, similar to those used on bicycles, except that the bottom clamp has been replaced with an "L"-shaped bracket. The bracket is rivited to the horn's top bracket with brass rivets, and has a large hole which allows it to mount under the oil cap plug on the left fork tube.

The horn is marked "Yoder Mfg Co." and "Los Angeles" on one side, and "Made in U.S.A." on the other side. The horn is chrome plastic, and the bulb is black rubber.

1959-up Spare Parts

The 1959 and later Spare Parts Catalogs lists the 69001-55A horn. The drawing is the same as the -55, but Harley often did not update the drawings. We have no idea what this horn looks like!

1960-1966 Super 10, Pacer, Scat, Bobcat

The 1960-1966 horn is a Hella unit, made in Germany. While it is similar in size and shape to some used on other Harleys, it is only used on the lightweights - Hummer-series and Toppers.

1960 - 1966 Super 10, Pacer, Scat, Bobcat

The 69005-59 horn was used on all models from 1960 through 1966, except Ranger.

The horn mounts between the upper and lower front fork plates - on top of the headlight brace - the mounting brackets vary (see below).

1960-1962 rigid frame models used items 17 (gasket) and 19 (bracket) for mounting.

1963 to 1965 models used items 18 (washer), 20 (bracket, lower) and 21 (bracket, upper).

The 1966 Bobcat used only items 18 and 21.

1962 Ranger

The 1962 Ranger did not have a horn.

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