Chapter 6 - THE NEW and THE OLD

1962 - Pacer, Scat, Ranger and Pacer BTU

Model Designation Letters: BT, BTH, BTF, BTU

More cc's was the big news in 1962. The new Pacer model sported a 175cc engine which produced about six horsepower. This was the same "B" engine as used in the Super-10, but the stroke had been increased to 2.406 in. from the previous 2.281 in. This new engine was also used by the Scat, a nearly identical off-road model. The 1962-1965 Scat was the off-road companion to the Pacer. Like the Pacer, the Scat featured the 175cc "B" engine, and received the new spring frame in 1963. Although an off-road model, the Scat had a full complement of equipment, unlike the Ranger. Both models were full-featured. The main differences between the Pacer and Scat were the fenders, tires, high-level exhaust, seat and handlebars.

The front fender was mounted high on the fork with several inches clearance above the tire. The rear fender was "bobbed". Both fenders were designed to prevent mud and other off-road glop from accumulating. The Scat featured 3.50 x 18 wheels and Goodyear "Grasshopper" tires. A high-mounted, and more thickly padded seat was used due to the rigors of off-road use - particularly nice with the 1962's rigid frame. And higher handlebars were standard

Apparently, the Scat wasn't that wonderful for serious off-road use. Bob Greene's review in the July 1964 Hot Rod Magazine stated "The ride is good, but a dampening system is desirable at anything over crawl speeds".

The introduction of the 175cc engine in 1962 caught H-D with an overstock of the 165cc engines. The Ranger solved most of this problem. The Ranger was a very stripped-down model touted for "backwoods" type use by fishermen and other outdoorsmen. Eliminating the headlight, taillight and horn also eliminated the need for the lighting coil in the magneto and most of the wiring. There was no front fender to get caught up in tree branches, and a special "bobbed" rear fender (no need for a pesky taillight) was fitted. The front fork panel behind the headlight was unneccessary, since there was no headlight.

The Ranger shared a number of features with its more civilized sibling, the Scat, such as the high level exhaust system, and 3.50 x 18 Goodyear Grasshopper front tire. The Ranger had a Continental Sport Knobby rear tire where the Scat had a Grasshopper rear.

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A 12-tooth countershaft gear, and the mammouth 84-tooth saw-like rear sprocket raised the gear ratio (in first gear) to a stump-pulling 42.3 to 1 rather than the standard 19.8 to 1. Standard on the Ranger, this gearing was optional on the Scat, or could be ordered separately.

Only about 200 Rangers were sold. When the supply of 165cc engines gave out, and the Ranger was discontinued at the end of 1962.

The last of the reduced-horsepower "U" models was produced in 1962. This was also the old 165cc engine, but in the Pacer garb. Either the new 175cc engine couldn't be throttled enough to bring it under 5 hp, or demand for "teen wheels" had dropped too low, so when the supply of 165cc engines was exhausted, the "U" models came to an end.

1962 PACER

1963 SCAT