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Date sent: Wed, 13 Nov 1996 10:18:09 +0100
From: Hubrich <>
Subject: DKW RT 125

Dear DKW RT 125 Fan,

There are some little mistakes in your informations about the DKW RT 125.

  1. Before World War II DKW produced Motorcyles in Zschopau (East) Germany.
  2. DKW means "Dampf Kraft Wagen", this means "Steam Car".
  3. Then when DKW produced a Toy-Motor in 1920 the name changed into "Des Knaben Wunsch", this means "the boy's wish".
  4. With the begin of the Motorcyle production in 1922 the acronym changed into "Das Kleine Wunder", means the little miracle.
  5. After World War II the DKW manufactory in Zschopau get the Name IFA and produced the RT 125 until the maunfactory was renamed into MZ (Motorenwerke Zschopau). Then the RT 125 was called RT 125/2 and was produced into the 60's.
  6. A new production of DKW was introduced in Ingolstadt (west) Germany in 1948, where DKW produced Motorcycles until 1958.
  7. "Grandfather" of the RT 125 was the DKW RT 2 1/2 PS (with 2.5 Horse Power) in 1936, followed by the RT 3 PS (3 Horse Power) and the RT 100.
Greetings from Germany!

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