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Harley Hummer Club T-shirts - the Hummer Club produced 4 runs of T-shirts over the years. They're all gone now, but here's what they looked like.

Below are the 2000 and 1998 versions. Two runs were produced in the 1980's with the same design. The first run were blue men's and white ladies shirts. The second run was only black men's shirts. Note: All men's shirts had pockets

HELP - the Club needs a picture of the black men's and white ladies shirts. If you have one of these shirts, please let us know via the Hummer Exchange!

  Rear view Front above pocket
The 2000 T-Shirt T-Shirt - rear 2000 T-Shirt - front
The 2000 T-Shirt What's different about this (rejected) design for the rear?
The 1998 T-Shirt T-Shirt - rear 19981998 T-Shirt - front
The Black T-Shirt
(late 80's / early 90's?)
T-Shirt - rear  
The Blue T-Shirt

Same as above,
Light Blue with Dark Blue lettering

The Ladies White T-Shirt
Not available  
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Thanks to Ed Cardinal #66 for resurrecting the picture of the Black shirt and the old HummerNews ad

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